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English 112 Paper

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ENGL 112
Sarah Parry

The Role of Regional Accents in Influencing Expert Teaching Positions Delph-Januriek’s article Sounding Gender(ed): Vocal Performances in English University Teaching Spaces, states that “accents denoted as ‘ethnic’ may be taken as prime markers of ‘racial otherness’, undermining ‘expert’ status in some teaching room situations…but enhancing it in others”(266). The article also states that accents may also cause “strong feelings of isolation and loss of confidence because [the speakers] felt their voices…marked them as inferior” yet “’expert’ status sometimes might be conferred on voices that have local accents, working to authenticate those speaking from a ‘working class’ perspective or talking about the lives of those less privileged”(266). However, Delph-Januriek’s article only talks about universities in England and no other parts of the world. Are other universities influenced by the trend that Delph-Januriek suggests in his article in parts of the world that have more ethnic diversity? This paper will see whether or not Delph-Januriek’s claim was correct or not in an Am
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