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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112

Blog Assignment 1 My current interaction with writing is informal The majority of my writing is done over Facebook emailing with my parents as they are not as technologically advanced as my friends and my professors or texting with my cellphone At this moment in my studies I am not completely comfortable with writing formal English papers I strive to achieve a higher level of writing and to use writing in more places than just Facebook and other social mediaThis is my first year of university and consequently I have been writing informally up to this point By writing over Facebook I can be subtle and nondescriptive Over text messages I feel that the shorter the better This means abbreviating certain words and using slang terms because face it nobody enjoys typing on the miniature keyboard provided on a phoneI tend to write more formally when sending emails I do so considering the audience that I am targeting This audience is either my parents or my professors When writing to my paren
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