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University of British Columbia
ENGL 211
Kathrine Patterson

Anushka Kashyap Notes on ASTU 150 21/09/2011 8 Characteristics: 1. Representation of the research process: -Easy to read, has a logical structure. -E.g. Brief overview/summary/abstract, research questions, state of knowledge, knowledge gap, approach and method (with data), claim/significance, proposition (in beginning, before the state of knowledge), further research, contact details. Eg. Poster, videos etc 2. Multiple levels of generality: -Breakdown of passage -Concrete nouns such as chair, desk, table -General nouns such as desks, furniture, classroom, furnishings -Abstract nouns – abstraction of identity -Identity – religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, class/socio economic status, occupation, education -High levels of generality – introduction (E.g. Wading predators) -Lower levels of generality – Finings (E.g. Bull heads) -High levels of generality – discussion/evaluation and conclusions 3. Topic Identification and restatement (sense of what the passage is about) -Example: “Light intensity plays a major role in…” , “Previous studies on marine biology have shown that…” , “Previous observations have shown that…” -Always add topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. -Creates coherence and keeps us on track! -Topic – about ness, title – carries the claim (language) -Topic cluster- what is being looked at E.g. Paper 3: Normalizing ideological food choice… (thing here-vegans) -Focus: Identity work (high level) -Claim language- normalize 4. Framework/Summ
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