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Frankenstein Lecture 3

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ENGL 221
Tara Lee

Frankenstein Lecture 3Sympathy and Disgust Towards the Creature The more sympathetic he is towards the creature the further he is from society Ambivalent relationship with both monster and society Mistakes the creature for a man at first Commonality Approaches disgust Sympathy community with creature Shifting back and forth Shame for his relationship with the monster Monsters shame Sees his reflection in a pool Internalizing particular standards of beauty and normalcy Frankenstein sees himself in the monster Shame represents the learning of social domination and normativity Dependent on his desire for belonging His acceptance of the cottagers as the norm Others responses to him reflect their own conflicted relationship to both themselves and their sociability Cottagers must distance themselves from the monster to be closer to society Monster as a constant and shifting negotiationpositioning with sociabilitynormativityconformity The bonds that are both formed rejected desired with society Self and Otherness Monster as a physical manifestation of these tensions Monstrosity Possibility Movement back and forth between the two As much as the monster seems exterior to society he is very much embeddedintimate within it Like with cottagers
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