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ENGL 222 V6A Notes Mar 27

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

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March 27, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature  English Final Paper o Close Reading inspires P I (CA) E V6A  “I Might Be Nothing” by Rachel Rose o Place leads stepping stones  destiny o Different places produce different people o Place being conditional, conditionality o Place-specific outcomes  Poem perhaps suggests this kind of thinking is dangerous? o Act of handing the toy back to the child – is it breaking the fix off blame loop?  Rather than calling it a toy, an artifact?  The word artifact  immediately placing it in imagination as a thing in the past  the historical component to artifacts o There is a history to it  But that history need not be read in the same way  Be invisible to the person reading the artifact o Subjectivities – how we read things o The puppet disappears in the basket of toys  Theme of absence and presence (I might be nothing / something; disappearing and coming back)  Disappearing and coming back  Preserving old buildings – why?  Because their presence preserves an absence o Historical landmarks  Remind us of bygones  How do we make things present / absent? Why? What does that say about our roles at citizens? o Lineage  Grandmother raises mother who raises daughter  What is passed on between each  Idea of inheritance  Inheriting our understandings of place  Speaker seems to suggest that there is value in inheritance, but also problematic aspects of inheritance o Who is Laura?  Dedicated to the daughter? Or dedicated to the mother?  Is there a difference?  “16” o Poem about prostitution, sexual abuse o Learn how to belong in place by mimicking or performing o Learn how to mimick love  Learn how to mimick Vancouverite so well that you can actually convince someone you are from Vancouver  Vancouver as copying other cities o Child-like voice  “Peek-a-boo” 
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