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ENGL 222 You're Not the Indian I Had in Mind Notes Feb 4

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

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February 4, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature Thought-provoking questions:  What happens to the relationship between a person and a city, when one has a kid? o When subject-position changes?  Forcing us to pay attention to the city 1. Does History matter? How do we revisit History? a. “Canada’s History” – magazine i. Suggests that Canada’s history does matter 2. Non-ceded Coast Salish territory / “Municipal Colonialism” a. Context of treaty rights, land claims, self-governance in Canada b. UBC sit on land that Coast Salish claims as its territory (not ceded through a treaty) i. BC did not negotiate treaties before settlement ii. In courts because not negotiated treaty c. Vancouver has a history of liking Musqueam and Kitsilano reserve i. Seen as useless space ii. Problematic uses of land iii. Not pulled into project that is municipal use of land 3. “Indians” / “From Colonialism to Multiculturalism” a. Boutique multiculturalism i. Argues that can only care about native art as it locates this place uniquely from other places, don’t really care about native people ii. Appropriating for other means iii. Boutique multiculturalism: pick elements that you think are “fun”  Selective – choosing totem poles  Ethnic features / identifiably cultural icons – becomes the only way multiculturalism is celebrated in this place o To the exclusion of real, vibrant multiculturalism 4. The Indian Act / Status Indian a. Blood quantum laws i. From colonial times – half breeds / indigenous peoples  Less than 1/8 native blood = no longer indigenous o Reclaiming them into white-civilized-ness ii. Says who is a status Indian, who is a non-status Indian iii. Blood quantum laws were Patrilineal (men’s side) -> Problem!  Native peoples do not track lineage through men 5. The Downtown Eastside – “Skid Row” a. “Skid Row” – logging territory, put logs on skids and dragging them by animals, through territory b. Granville Town (now called Vancouver) = terminus for train i. “The
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