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ENGL 222 Bird in the House Notes Feb 1

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

February 1, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature “A Bird in the House”  Locational identity – proximal and distal (influence) o Further away = less influence on Vanessa o Individual – family – community – city – province – USA – Canada  Interesting note: the U.S. feels closer to us than Canada does o What aspects of these influence us?  Location self  Do we choose location because it matches us, or we match the location? (Not either/or, most likely, both)  Noreen talking to the table – superstitious thing o “I don’t want to do it anymore” Vanessa is reacting to the fabricated nature of it, the falsity  “I was petrified” - at the bird in the house o Vanessa is “revolted” by the sight of this bird trapped in the house  Idea of being trapped revolts her, moving from civilized freedom to cloister  Anybody would want to go in the other direction  She feels cloistered or suffocated by the rules / ambiance of this monument  Unnatural – not belonging  Maybe she sees her natural place outside the house / outside this community  After her father dies, Vanessa lashes out at Noreen o Prophecy of bird in the house = death in the house  She hates that that prediction came true, that her father died o Vanessa is uncomfortable with the comfort that Noreen gets from her faith / belief  Vanessa is not convinced with that narrative o Noreen suggests that Vanessa is reacting to the silencing of her father’s voice in her life – Vanessa is upset at the silencing of her father’s narratives  Bothered by people trying to colonize her father’s stories with their own stories, other stories  Noreen talks about faith-based comfort in his death, that her father is in heaven o Not criticism of faith, more about that story becomes l
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