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ENGL 222 Borders, You're Not the Indian I Had in Mind Notes Feb 6.docx

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

February 6, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature  Vancouver Community Centres and money o Community centres angry about Vancouver’s distribution of community centre money fairly  Dunbar Community Centre is very angry – Vancouver does not exist to them, just Dunbar exists  Massey Lecture: Thomas King “You’re Not the Indian I Had in Mind” o Indian of fact vs. Indian of fiction o THE Indian vs. Indians o The literary Indian o Identity and authenticity  Race as a construction, not a condition  We believe we can see it (we hope we can see it) o Visual confirmation – having to look a certain way in order to be identified a certain way o “in mind” – mental images associated with people, figures, places  Cook reads novel – novel gives image of Indian does not match Thomas King  Writer of the novel has never once seen an Indian  Pervasiveness of images  Cultural images exist everywhere o What happens to contemporary Indians when they’re supposed to meet the literary Indian o What mental images do we have about place, as perpetuated by the stories we tell about place  How does that affect our ability to engage with a place?  How does that affect our expectations of a place to meet the mental image?  Example: university  Expectations are crafted – by stories from siblings, functionality is shaped by parents’ expectations for you, cinema  Is UBC the university you had in mind?  Was the story of UBC the right story for you? Thomas King, “Borders”  Visiting Utah  P. 582: Border guard helping Indians, trying to figure out whether the Indian is Canadian or American o Idea of trying to be helpful  How is that help is constructed (help is not help if it’s not wanted)  P. 584: Canadian female border guard – enthusiastic (stereotypically Canadian) o “Can ONLY be American and Canadian” o Citizens
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