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ENGL 222 Borders Notes Feb 8

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

February 8, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature Next week: Seminar week! (No class on Wednesday!)  Informal discussion – motivated by CAP project o What you’ve been noticing that you haven’t noticed before o What you think about Canada now as an idea o Attendance and participation  “The Words We Have Inherited” o Do we resist inheriting the ideas of place  Cellular or genetic makeup  Does Vancouver impact us on a cellular / genetic level? o Is our code refigured by this place (figuratively)?  Racism: o Racism is easier to identify in U.S. than Canada  Canada’s racism is subversive, low-level, difficult to deal with it  React overtly to racism  Critical thinkers that think Canada is more racist that any other country Thomas King’s “Borders”  P. 584 “This place is boring” o When does place become boring?  Conflict stories are never boring  Do communities cohere and have texture due to conflict? o When does culture become boring? o When does place inspire? o When do stories become boring? o When does place disappear?  Tolerance vs. acceptance  When does it not matter?  When does it become a landscape for what we do in it?  P. 587 “Many stories contain trickster or coyote” o Trickster figure  Africa: white spider  Indigenous: coyote, crow  Norse: Loche
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