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ENGL 222 Baler Twine, Load, Ecocriticism Notes Feb 27

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

February 27, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature  Trickster worksheet o Post-colonial “writing back”  Literature that critiques literature already written  Tricksters as figures / stories that “write back” to what we assume about the way the world works, Canada works, nationality works, what it means to be Canadian / American  Ecocriticism “writes back” to human centric, ego-centric meaning towards place  P. 573 Baler Twine o McKay has a problem with way the raven has been displayed  Barb-wired  Colonization of its death  Human saying “I have power to do this” – and this power is more important that returning this dead crow to the ecosystem from which it came o Materiel  Humans’ relationship with the natural world  Second-order appropriation, second appropriation of object  Analogy: beaches turned to glass – sand to glass (from heat), doesn’t go back, cannot become a beach again o Only communicating man’s power over natural world, to such an extent that that material (materiel) never returns to its natural state o Wilderness  Canadians have struggled with natural world - very cold  In contemporary Vancouver – no longer scared of the natural world  Natural world respite from rigours of the city  Wilderness as way humans decompress o Eco-critics concerned with the paradigm that humans encompass the world/wilderness, rather than humans being part of the world o Syntax of English language seems to position person before the rest, for instance subject verb object (subject first, object 2 ) – I think… o McKay wants to attend to world as less about human desire, positioning human as not as the top being in the ecosystem o McKay wants to find ways to write about environment that don’t use natural world to celebrate humans, humans’ roles in them  Suggests romantic poetry’s goal is to celebrate/inspiring human imagination o McKay aches for language that mutes that, or at least makes language flow both ways  Human wild not just human -> wild  McKay wrote a lot about birds early in h
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