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ENGL 222 What Colour is Manitoba Notes Jan 18

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

ENGL 222: Canadian Literature January 18, 2012 ** PIE response due next Friday – literature from weeks 1-4  Text is context – close-read literature (excludes Vancouver we see, we don’t see; Disunity is unity)  CAP: micro before macro o Read the piece of art first o Ideas coming out of close reading o Get at textures of things we’re looking at and then say it’s interesting because…  Different versions of Canada o A part of our heritage examples  Invented superman  Sam Steele – hero of the gold rush o Molson Canadian Ads  Intentional humour, self deprecation o Lot of interplay between what it means to be American and what it means to be Canadian “What Colour is Manitoba?” by Alden Nowlan  Worth is being connected to geography, contains very specific immigrant populations  Child is full of rage because of arbitrary designation of colours o Faith in boundaries, faith in clear definition  Can’t have faith in ambiguity, arbitrariness  Must have faith in denotation, definiteness o Arbitrariness inspires rage?  (Eg. subjectively marked courses)  “There are truer charts” – followed by white space o Such as? What charts? o What charts do we use to navigate our way around Canada, around Canadian identity o Experience, experiential  The line is followed by experience of the speaker in the poem  ** use “speaker” when refer to poems, not author; it is a persona  What charts are being activated within the discussion that follows?  Maybe the idea of experience is not adequate enough  Memory  History  Truer charts are memories, histories; how we map place in our memories – historical story, historical positioning  Contemplating boundaries  When you leave, that’s when you get memories  When you’re in a place – we don’t function on memory  Distance of time: produces a boundary?  Memories become apparent when we leave  Weaving History with anecdotal history  Metaphor: pieces of metal work way up to surface, shrapnel spitted up from earth  Boundary between inside and outside  Digging  Memories of this place is not the same version as someone else  Is that the Canadian condition? o Constantly trying to carve out space for unique narratives  Language is inadequate for accurately describing the human condition / our experience  Very post
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