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ENGL 222 Notes Beggar's Garden Mar 11

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

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Mar. 11, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature The Beggar’s Garden  P. 244: Isaac’s history = history of Vancouver o Do you need to experience the history of Vancouver to be a Vancouverite?  (probably not because Vancouver is a young city) o Sam’s working with Isaac to shift his begging strategies  Isaac in the business of advertising  Product was his story; in his ability to perform his story through visuals (dress, demeanor, body language, posture)  P. 248: Sam is looking for a new place for Isaac to beg – thinks a new location will increase his profits o Sam does not find this location until he has explored for 2 days straight o Specific criteria o Isaac responds to Sam, asking him to change the location  “interest in this place”  “sights are familiar to me”  Positions his fondness for the place = “interest in place”  Monetary in nature (double meaning – interest as in $)  Hyper-intimacy: Isaac can tell who is going to walk in front of him by the way the sun glances off the sign – he has a knowledge of that location and the way things move/change in that location to a depth that very few people have of any place  P. 249: Sam asks Isaac why he doesn’t rent a room – Isaac says, “It ain’t me.” o Difference between homelessness and rooflessness  Isaac = roofless not homeless o Sam tries to reclaim / relocate / recall / reconnect after setting up Isaac’s place  Neither Cricket nor Anna are interested in returning home  Sam is annoyed o Becomes a projection artist  P. 256: Sam refuses to recognize that he is the source of some of his problem o Paradigm of blaming everybody but ourselves as it relates to city and place  Humans complain
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