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ENGL 222 Renovating Heaven Notes Mar 13

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

March 13, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature  FINAL PAPER INFO o April 5, last day of class o 25% of overall grade o Consider a more robust version of PIE response – precision, clarity, thoughtfulness, convincingness, logical structural components in an essay format o Must be over 5 pages (in MLA format) o Include close reading of text in Vancouver section of the course  Stories – Associated Press, Beggar’s Garden, V6A, Renovating Heaven o Can re-contextualize PIE response but needs to be something new o Needs cultural artefacts o Set mind on Vancouver Renovating Heaven by Andreas Schroeder  3 book novella (A novel in Triptych)  Immigration  Moving away from the bible belt  Story of what happens to the son in this family on account of moving to a different place o Tensions of the family (mother, father, son, daughters) as a result of place  Title: o Contentious? Does heaven need to be rearranged somehow?  Bildings Roman – growing up story, coming of age story o Uncle Jacob o Margrete (M) o Reinhard (F) o Peter – narrator, it’s his story o Gurtrun o Heidi  Story about 1960s Vancouver – beings with eating, idea of consumption o Consuming place? o In order to be a Vancourite, we consume Vancouver  Local food, farm-to-plate  Also, how our consumption practices reflect on Vancouver identity  Lululemon?  Mountain Equipment Co-op?  Lots of different ways to consume place  Consumption + Place  reveal the qualities of place, reveal our place- specific nature  Internalizing place  P. 1 o Peter reacts to his father’s rule  Displacement  dis(place)ment  Displace from ultimate purpose in the world  Transgression  Geographical metaphors  Moving from one space to another space o Minority groups  Outside of the official language of this place (English)  Outside of minority status and religion associated with it o Belonging in place means that you’re able to authorize that belonging textually, in writing  Grouping based on language sets  Difficult to modify your language to meet the needs of the languages of place (already)  For instance in Lower Mainland – going to Richmond and not learning English, and thrive o Can’t contribute in government / cannot influence people in general o No power o But comfortable o Peter’s family must put self in Mennonite community otherwise no one to surround with  P. 2 o Community is important as an influence on our identity o Peers important in enforcing / empowering what we do and how we do it o
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