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ENGL 222 Renovating Heaven Notes Mar 15

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

March 15, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature Renovating Heaven  P. 22 o Local description firmly rooted in the history of 1954  That route has been transformed through time o Citizenship instructor? – what does that mean?  Metaphor p. 39: different ways of understanding place through the analogies we use  P. 28 o Peter notices the differences between his mom and dad o “…customs, history and heritage came from our mother’s side”  Closeness to one side of the family  What areas of Vancouver do we feel close to and why?  Certain places that match us better, more comfort?  P. 30 o Conflict between the two sides of the family (mom and dad) o Agassi fails and becomes the elsewhere for Vancouver o The role of elsewhere  What is its function? What is its purpose?  P. 32 o Class context  Wealth in different sides of the family o Where does the sorrow come from for the mother – why? (Will get to later in the text) o Constant reminder from father to mother & kids, of place  Putting people in their place  Control  Authority  The placed-ness of our actions  P. 38 o Language problem o Reinhardt wants a real analogy  Not hyperbole  Almost like he doesn’t have an imagination  Wants exactness, practicality  What is the role of analogy / hyperbole / imagination / creativity in place?  Helping us understand in a certain way  This ability doesn’t apply to the father – creativity  P. 44 o “My parents didn’t approve of ungodly books” – English books at the library o English are the source of all ungodly things, but also entirely useful  Difficult to criticize the English when they have what you need o Use / utility = what is useful / what’s not useful?  Applicability to place o Even Reinhardt – with lots of distrust, still needs help from the English  P. 47 o Reinhardt’s boat  Uncle Jacob’s response, inappropriate, but with texture  Is it possible to have an insight into a place, CAP, without the ability to find the humour in things, in our reading abilities?  What’s the role of imagination / creativity in coming to insight?  How do we get to insights? o Deconstructing our assumptions
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