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ENGL 222 Renovating Heaven Notes Mar 18

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

March 18, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature  V6A: Very close specific understanding of a very specific geographic area; very visceral Renovating Heaven  What do you think about Reinhardt? o Stubborn o Traditional  Tied down by tradition, tragic  Stuck in his ways, sad o Incredible work ethic  Perseverance  Something admirable about his existence o Very unlucky o Consider him sad because we use ourselves as a reference, or using Peter as a reference (someone who is assimilated into the Vancouver culture – not so hard for him)  Naturally composes him in this traditional, sad, foreign quality  Reinhardt sells his house and the person promises to keep it, but when Reinhardt returns, it is raised to the ground (the buyer lied) o Impermanence to the stuff we do  Renovating the inside of his house; renovating heaven o Does not renovate the doorbell – perhaps it means he’s a not very civic minded person o Reinhardt is incapable of renovating himself Finishing Book 1 of Renovating Heaven  P. 71 o Reinhardt can’t milk the cows appropriately  Empathy as knowledge  Mother feels for the cows  Something that Reinhardt doesn’t have  Is there place-specific empathy? o Empathy as a part of our characters? o Alternatively, empathies learned in place?  P. 76 o Debt collectors come, they’re in trouble o Peter: “He looked under my bed” – huge transgression of personal space o “Nothing the world wants more… borrowing money is probably the most effective way of handing over the keys”  Private stuff becomes public  Peter has strong convictions that he should be in charge of who gets to enter the home  Being in control of what passes the threshold of the front door  Traditional spaces want to control outside influences of place, protect ourselves from them  What do we let in and why?  Internet – connecting inside of home to outside of home o Routes around censorship o Cannot control what outside influences are reachable o Think: China’s censorship of internet  P. 80 o Distinction between farm and city = sidewalks? Only? o Peter finds success in being able to explain things in such a way that it comforts  Acquiring a certain skill o Renovating heaven
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