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ENGL 222 Notes Renovating Heaven Mar 22

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

March 22, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature Renovating Heaven  P. 108, 109 o Anonymity  Need to be anonymous to beg (Beggar’s Garden)  Anonymity is glorious  P. 116 o Experience that Peter is having turns into an extended metaphor  Music turns into a bird  Is this the lie of language that Peter’s father would consider?  Peter coming to his own writer-ly-ness  Is this how language interfaces with city life? o Turning experiences into metaphor is part of our understanding  How do cities inspire our creativity and imagination?  How do our ideas of place inspire creativity and imagination?  P. 118 o “…how rotten the house looks from the outside”  Constructing an understanding of home that’s independent from the way homes look  Space  place  home? ↑________________↑ o Place (thin), home (thick)?  Home takes on characteristics of thickness, depth  P. 134 o Renovating the house and finding that the lumber has hardened  Place hardens us, thickens us?  Contrary: does place soften us somehow? Make us vulnerable?  Metaphor – what does it mean to harden us in place?  P. 127 o “…city plows through family’s unity” o Place is the bulldozer itself o Family has a hard time resisting the influences of city  Possibly suggests that the city kills the mother in ways that their Mennonite town would never o City impacts in very visceral kinds of
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