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Leslie Arnovick

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July 09, 2013 Passive Voice Active Voice: “I watched the movie.”  Subject : “I”  Verb: “watched”  Object: “movie” Passive Voice: “The movie was watched by me.”  Subject: “movie”  Verb: “watched”  Object: “I” “The movie was watched”  Has a subject : “movie”  Has a verb: “watched”  Has a complete idea  Grammatically correct but the movie was watched by whom? Exceptions to Use Passive  To change the focus  Subject is unknown o “my wallet was stolen”  We don’t know who stole the wallet  We put the focus on the wallet  Scientific/ tech/ legal reporting o o “the heat was increased by 200 C”  To avoid blame o So they are not pointing fingers o To make it seem better and more positive Pronouns Agreement  Number o Singular o Plural  Gender o Male o Female o Neutral  Ex. A chair  Person o First o Second o Third  Subjective/ objective I / Me  Subject: “I”  Object: “Me” “The sweater looks better on Jake than it does on me/I”  Subject: “sweater”  Object: “Jake” and ..”Me/I” o Me is object  ME is the correct answer “Bob is hungrier than me/I”  Subject : “Bob” and “me/I” o I is subject  *note* that you can complete the sentence by adding “am hungry” o “Bob is hungrier than I am hungry”  I is the correct answer He / Him  Subject: “He”  Object: “Him” “I am hungrier than he/him”  Subject: “I” and “him/he”
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