ENGL 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Sky Burial, Radium

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30 Jul 2016
Sky Burial
The Owl:
Owl is the messenger from the spirit world.
Deep spiritual meaning
Owl fortells death: in page 484, Stan dies and the owl
Relates to Monkey Beach
Cree v.s Dogrib
Pg 484 significant event
Exam style question:
Shopping centre in both stinky girl and sky burial
References to people who have been left behind
Icabus pg 483- left beind their traditional ways, eating fries,
Shopping centre represents colonization
They do not aknowledge him as an elder, the later generations lost their aboriginal roots
His own family is sending him away, traditions that are not indegenous
Stinky girl v.s Sky Burial on the shopping centre
Negative image on the impact on colonization of the indegnous people.
Stinky girl, as a way of transforming the shopping centre as a huge plastic delight at the end of
the story
Spiritual connection is important to Icabus, he is looking for someone to pass on his “medicine”
Pg 486:
He found the girl wearing an owl shirt
Everything is out of balance: Icabus’s family,
Consequences about the impact of colonization on Icabus and on his family, on the young girl,
on people being caught up in the world where people mistreat others and lose respect.
Internalization of the assault, family loss of the indegenous
Not following the path of warrriors
The story doesn’t see death negatively but sees colonization negatively
The Uranium leaking from port radium and rayrock mines is killing us
Blue eyes: genetic mutation
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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