ENGL 112: January 21, 2013

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7 Feb 2013

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ENGL 112: Strategies for University Writing
January 21, 2013
Every proposal even very brief ones should have an abstract. Some readers read only the abstract
and most readers rely on it initially to give them a quiz overview of the proposal and later to
refresh their memory of its main points
Though it appears first in a research proposal, the abstract should be written last, as a concise
summary (approximately 120-150 words) of the proposed project's research question, its
objectives and its methods.
The abstract should appear on a page by itself.
Determining if the research topic will work. Whether research has been done, is it a viable topic
The abstract provides the reader with his/her first impression of the research project, and, by
acting as a summary, frequently provides the reader with his/her last.
English 112/04M in subject for emails
The research proposal will change, as the research and analysis begins. Deter from completely
changing the topic or direction of the research paper. If this happens please consult the prof.
The research topic I have chosen focuses on the Canadian mental health system and
homelessness. Specifically, I want to explore how Vancouver as a community addresses the
problem of homelessness among the chronically mentally ill. My research begins by examining
Harrison's exploration of homelessness in Vancouver as well as Haraway's case-study of the
Belgium town of Geel, where community-wide programs for tackling the problem of
homelessness among the mentally ill have been running for the last decade. I will also examine
Patterson's study of the Village Integrated Service Agency (VISA), a pilot project based in Long
Beach, California that seeks to address the ways in which the mental health.
Start broad, and then focus in on the main sources that will be used in the paper (approximately 1
sentence). Second sentence should narrow in on the topic of the research paper. Third sentence
introduces the most important sources and gives a very brief explanation (include sources that
are the most important and relevant. The last sentence outline what exactly will be done with the
sources, ties it all together, how the sources are going to be used in conjunctions with the
research paper.
Annotated Bibliography:
Going to need three peer-reviewed sources for the research paper.
An annotated bibliography is a list of academic books, articles, and documents relevant to the
research project. Each sources is followed by a brief (usually about 80-100 words) descriptive
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