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ENGL 112: March 4, 2013

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ENGL 112
Peter Mahon

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ENGL 112: Strategies in University Writing
March 4, 2013
Wednesday March 6th: Orchestrating Scholarly Voices
Friday March 8th: Peer-editing, 3 pages of draft
Friday March 15th: 4 pages of draft due
Wednesday March 20th: full draft due
Friday March 22nd: Final copy due
Individual research presentations start
4-5 minutes about the research essay
Alphabetically by last name
Final Exam Articles:
Stanford prison
Bully at school
Carol Kelly
Bully is a hot topic given the things that have happened in the recent past
o Can't get hysterical about it, have to maintain balance and perspective about it
This article is one of the first attempts to take bullying at look at in Canadian school
o Written before cyber bullying took off, lack of technological effect
o Takes research done from Europe and applied to Canadian schools
Terrorize others
Knowledge deficit: area of research that really hasn’t been carried out or taken off
Certain names will pop up throughout the articles, know the most common ones
Bullying: childhood aggression
o Ongoing relation between bullies and their victims
Olweus is one of the most important sources
o Bullying is something that happens over and over again
Boys tend to be more physical, girls tend to be bully with exclusion etc.
Gossip and exclusion is in the bullying category
Type of evidence being used is self-report questionnaires, surveys
50% of bully victims were bullied more than once or twice a term
o 7% are bullies are 9% are victims
o 5% of victims said there were severely bullied
Olweus carries out research in Norway and carried out in the UK
o One bully may have multiple victims
Bully seems to happen mostly at school
Number of teachers on duty compared to students affects bullying
o Teachers tend to not do much to stop bullying
Difference between what teachers see, students see and parents see
o Author will try to show how the three groups can work together
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