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Lecture 2

ENGL 112 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Downtown Eastside, Urban Decay

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ENGL 112
Peter Mahon

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Jan 13, 2016
English 112 – Lecture 2 – The Method of Summary:
Identifying the Levels of Information at Work in
Academic Writing
AW 31-40 simplication
Two levels
1. General/abstract/conceptual
a. Purely mental existence (e.g. Folklore)
2. Specic/concrete details
a. Specic details, objects or situations that usually serve as
examples (e.g. Cinderella)
E.g. By urban decay I mean the systematic… such as the
Downtown Eastside in Vancouver.
An academic reader tries to identify and locate the concrete
details that illustrate the concept.
Summary reduces the length of a piece of AW in two ways:
1. Academic reader looks for the gist and focuses on the conceptual
level of information, omitting concrete detail.
2. Academic reader identies the key points in a piece of AW by
focusing on instances of repetition. These indicate key points
that only need to be mentioned once in a summary.
Summary must:
oAccurately represent content
oAttribute an idea to an author by showing clearly that it
has come from a research source
oCharacterize the action of the original (“Fiske and Hartley
oIndicate the development of the argument (“Fiske and
Hartley identify components of TV programs…They go on
to analyze examples…”)
E.g. or reporting expressions:
oSmith argues…
oMacDonald comments…
oJones describes…
oParker suggests…
oAdams, summarizing Hartley’s data, nds that…
oChen analyses…
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