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Environmental Design
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ENDS 221
Patrick Condon

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ENDS221 Notes 11152011 11400 PM RULE 8 Integrate agrifood systems fully in the planning design function and development of communities y Production paradigm dominates AKA modern conventional industrial green revolution y Energy intensive dependent on fossil fuel o Agricultures EROEI51 on average 101 or greater for some o Formerly agriculture represented a net energetic gain 125 in 1940 y Capital intensive o Farmland values 100 000acre in the lower mainlandmore in Kelownamore if on urban edge o Costs of production escalating y 15 of population farming y Nutrients dilution trends in 43 truck farm crops 19501999 o Calcium down 16 proten 6 vitamin c 20 riboflavin 38 phosphorus 9 iron 15 o NO IRON IN SPINACH y Agriculture single greatest source of human damage to global environmentrheinberg new college of cali y Agriculture contributes 1025 of GHG emissions o Up to 50 for the hwole agrifood system y Costing us all Canadian inflation 2008 o Overall 12 o Food overall 73 o Cereal products 124 o Fruitsvegetables 269 y Hubberts Peak global oil depletionindustrial agriculture is energy intensive and unsustainable 101 y Global climate changethe wild card o Precipitation patterns snow pack o Irrigation water availability o Insect and disease incidence o Unpredictable and severe weather o Crop plant adaptation o Loss of arable lands y Population growth and urbanization o From 6595 billion by 2050 o 2009majority urbanized for first time in urban history o 80 of canadiansurbanized
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