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Environmental Design
ENDS 221
Patrick Condon

ENDS221 7 Rules for Sustainable CommunitiesCHAPTER 7 CREATE A LINKED SYSTEM OF NATURAL AREAS AND PARKSmost obvious and important regional environmental system watershedlinked natural areas and parks reduce GHGstream systemsnecessary forested buffers reduce heat island effectseven in new neighborhoods bc of shade they provide air cooling they produce preserved streamway forests isolate carbon benefiteven tho takes away 25 acres of trees to isolate avg annual amount of carbon produced by 1 Americanlinked parksnatural areasconnect urban districts for human purposesstream systemsdendritictherefore path system organized around will allow pedestriansbikes to access every part of urban district branch tips of streams reach every corner of watershedprovide comfortable shaded way to travel long distances on footsmallwheeled vehiclesLOGICALORGANIC WAY to make walkingbiking more pleasantconvenientFrederick Law Olmsted and Linked Natural Areas and Parksknown for designing Central and Prospect Parks in NYEmerald Necklace in BostonOlmstedproduct of North American Transcendental Movement started profession of landscape architecture due to push of Transcendentalism started movement of designing cities around linked system one purpose in his designs feed spirit of usershis intention create environments that provided spiritual upliftepiphany in soul of user used materials of nature as media to create artEmerald Necklace in Boston North Americas first linked network of natural areas and parks 6 miles Why it was goodeffectivenessaccommodated diff paths of moving carriage to wooded pathcreated public realm armature for real estate development ensuring newly developing areas on both sides of system is valuable
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