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University of British Columbia
Environmental Design
ENDS 221
Patrick Condon

ENDS221 Notes 9152011 104600 AM Why are we in this state Pace of climate changeo 2 Cunavoidable o 5 Cworld bakesCanada and US 80 of people live in citiescities80 of problem o Low density sprawl is 80 of city problem2050 oh shit moment must reduce greenhouse gas by 80 o However we continue to increase global production of greenhouse gasesIn BC 6 increase in the past 6 yearsCanadas GHG emissions o Driving and buildingsabout 35 o Other categories feed citiescity lifeElectricityheat generation16Oil sands5Oilgas excluding oil sands18Solventwaste4EtcMethane o Created by livestockProduces 18 of total GHG damage in CO2 equivalents o 23 times more damaging per unit than CO2Persists in atmosphere10 years vs CO2100 years o Even if we stop all CO2 stuff we put up today wont come down for another 100 yearsAccording to UN countries efforts on climate change o Very good South America Brazil o Good Asia Brazil Europe o Very poor North America Canada US AustraliaReliance on petroleum productsSuburbs has more people driving even if there are only 10 people per acre more CO2 produced vs innercities where 100 people per acre use
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