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Environmental Design
ENDS 221
Patrick Condon

1 ENDS 221 October 09 Guest Speaker Achieving Vancouver Urbanism Development Process Case Studies A Convergence of Challenges - Climate change and resource depletion - Housing affordability and homeless - ……. Towards a City-wide plan Outline haven’t changed a lot, but more buildings and streets  3 year cycle (vote every 3 years to decide how to develop city) Vancouver - Changing very fast in relatively short time period - Particularly in metro core - Pressure is moving to the outer neighbor 1. Urbanism context 1.1 Players and interest  “At the Table” – round democratic table, sharing/discussing ideas  Owners  Lenders/investors  Designers  Marketers  Builders  Regulators  Advisory panels  Users  Community 1.2 Urban systems  Urban structure of the city 1.3 Urbanism principles  Compatibility and fit  Uses and impacts  Massing and form response  Contextual response 1  Urban design panel advice  Neighborliness  Solar path & shadow aspects  Privacy  Neighborhood input  edges  Livability  Daylight quality  Acoustic performance  Arterially located shops  Safety and security  Parking garages (below grave)  Lane interface (activate and make it more friendly)  Alcoves  Landscape  CPTED  View protection  Public view analysis  Private view analysis  Provision of open space  Planning/VPB requirements @ 2.75 acres/1000  Programming  Public open space, local programming, understanding regional requirements  Linear local greenway  Streets as public realm  Existing conditions  Engineering requirements  Special precincts  Unique opportunities  City’s figure out interdisciplinary requ
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