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University of British Columbia
Family Studies
FMST 210

Chapter 6 Attachment Theory and Research 1 of 2I Introduction to Attachment Theory Insights from Two VideosA In class Video Documentary on orphaned elephants aired on The Nature of Things CBC entitled For the Love of ElephantshttpwwwcbccavideoShowsTheNatureofThings1242300217ID1616341924oWhat must the substitute caregivers provide the orphaned elephants to ensure their survival Physical CarePsychological CareExclusive caregiverCaregiver must be able to read calfs signalsAttachmentAffectionate BondBond bw a parent towards a childoWhat are some of the effects of maternal separationloss on the young elephants Failure to thrive syndromelose will to loveCritical period for reattachmentSocial development Self Development Effects aggressionselfworth selfesteem not sharing selfefficacy beliefs about being successful at something inability to assert or stand up for self join a herd matelive in a herdoHow is the attachment process in elephants similar to and different from the attachment process in humans Mourncry memory capacitySensitive not critical period for attachment in humans formationB InClass Video Comparison between two Romanian children adopted by American parents oWhat accounts for Laura and Jeremys attachment differences with their adoptive American parents Laurain the pasta secure attachmentJeremyno attachment experiencesnot attached3 types of attachment1 Secure2 Anxiousinsecure type1
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