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III Evaluating Studies ValidityMany have argued that the glue uniting scholars and researchers is a shared attitude of skepticism Skepticism or critically evaluating knowledge claims requires an analysis of validity It is important to note that a single research study will never achieve absolute 100 validitytruth validity is a matter of degree On the other hand it is appropriate to say that some studies have a higher degree of validity than others Internal Validityassociation w random assignmentExternal Validityassociation w random selection or samplingIn this section of the lecture template we will review TWO types of validityinternal and external 1Internal Validity Spanking IVChild Aggression DVIf the purpose of your research study is to determine if two or more variables are causally related you need to ensure that your research designmethods enable you to meet the following three criteria aAssociationbDirectionalitycElimination of alternative variablesmust satisfy these three criteria as best you canaAssociationThis criterion demands that you are able to demonstrate that there is a relationship between the variables in your research questionprove relationships bw two variablesHow can researchers provide evidence of this criterion Many optionsa Surveymeasure the IV and DV and calculate a correlationsee if its significantb Experimentwhere you dont measure the IVcompare mean levels of the DVlooking for a mean difference bw treatment and control groupsbDirectionality This criterion requires you to demonstrate that the association is unidirectionalAssociations or correlations are assumed to be bidirectional V1V2Researchers need to establish that the association is unidirectional V1V2How can researchers provide evidence of this criterionYou must establish temporal ordering In a survey variable are measured at the same time4
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