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Family Studies
FMST 238
Phyllis Johnson

CH 8 Theoretical Dimensions of Time Styles  Temporal Orientation- thinking of the past, present, and future,  Social orientation- whether you’re doing it alone, or with friends  Planning orientation- deciding what you want with a period of time  Polychromic Orientation- are you able to do more than one thing at a period of time? Five Metaphors of Time (Time Style) Time is a….  Pressure cooker  Map  Mirror  River  Feast Time as a pressure cooker  Social orientation- lots of social activities to do; places to be Will feel tired even after holidays  Analytic planning- will have all the devices to help the with their planning; very detailed o Ex. Timers, phones,  Monochromic Time Use – stuff their day with social activities; pressure builds up as these activities compete for their discretionary time, and soon they don’t have enoug  A good day off o I would have to get something accomplished. Cross something off my list because I have a very hard time just doing nothing, you know what I mean? … There’s a “have to” every day.”  Appearances need to be kept up Time as a Map  Analytic Planning- which courses to take, how to get into a certain time slot  Future Temporal orientation- working towards a future goal  Polychronic activities o A map is a plan that provides direction; must loo
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