FNH 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Food Preservation, Pyridoxine, Vitamin K

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In this lesson we will consider the effects of food processing on nutrients in foods,
including the effects of different preservation technologies, as well as the handling of
foods in processing plants, in retail stores, in the food service industry and in the home.
The goal of this lesson is to provide you with an appreciation of the fact that, although
nutrient losses occur during food preservation, the losses are not always large and they
occur whether food is preserved in a processing plant or in your home. More specifically,
upon completion of this lesson you will be able:
to describe the variations in nutrient losses depending on the food, its chemical and
physical properties, and the food preservation or preparation method used.
Required reading:
Newsome, 1986: "Effects of food processing on nutritive values". (A scientific status
summary). Food Technology, 40(12): 109-116.
Effects of Preservation Practices on Nutrient Content of Foods
One of the main objectives of food preservation is the prevention of normal spoilage of
perishable foods with maximum retention of food quality which includes retention of
aesthetic characteristics of the food as well as its nutritional properties. Spoiled or
deteriorating food is not only unsafe to eat, but it will also lose its nutritional value. All
food inevitably deteriorates from the time it is harvested, slaughtered, or manufactured.
Along with deterioration comes loss of nutrients. The rate of deterioration and nutrient
loss depends on several factors reviewed in Lesson 5, such as light, oxygen,
temperature, pH, etc.
READ the article "Effects of food processing on nutritive values" by Newsome
This reading provides a good overview of the changes in nutrients as a function of
It is also a good review of different processing methods
Note from your reading of the article "Effects of food processing on nutritive values" that
all food preservation methods lead to a certain degree of loss of some nutrients.
We often hear comments made that processed foods have all the "goodness" removed
from them during processing. It is true that nutrients are lost during processing of foods
that extends their storage life, whether that processing occurs in the home or on an
industrial scale. It is important to note, however, that the extent of nutrient loss depends
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