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University of British Columbia
Food, Nutrition and Health
FNH 200
Azita Madadi- Noei

Lesson 4 Food Standards regulations and guidesFood additives Health Canada Health ProductsFood Branch Establish standards within Food and Drugs Act and Regulations includes consumer protection lawsFood and drug regulationsFDR justice Canada in charge responsible for maintain regulationsStandards of identity and composition for foods28 divisions Food additive regulation in Division 16Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA Enforce regulations and standardsFoodincluding meat and vegetable fruits processing plant inspection Regulatory of food safetyStandards for agricultural produce meat dairy products eggs fish and seafoodLabeling and packaging regulationsConsumer packaging and labeling act and regulations 1 Common name of the food 2 Net quantity of the food 3 Name and address of the person responsible for the product 4 Lists of ingredients 5 Nutrition facts table 6 Durable life date and storage intructions necessary for the food with storage life 90 days or less 7 Bilingual labeling English and French 8 Other mandatory info alcohol milk fat9 Nutrient content claims light only refer to reduced in fat or reduced in energy freenutritionally insignificantClaims allowed in Canadalow in saturated and trans fat reducedAdequate calcium and vitamin DDiet rich in vegetables and fruitLow in sodium and high in potassiumDo not promote tooth decayAdvertising regulations Industry CanadaWeights and measures regulation Provincial or MunicipalPublic health inspection of retail stores and food service establishmentStandards of identity and composition are defined in the Food regulations of the food and drugs act of CanadaStandardThere are descriptions specify what is allowed in foods as ingredientsStandardized foods met the standardsdescriptions for a food to belegally called by the name in the standard eg bread milk cheese orange juice sausage jam wine beer vinegarUnstandardized foods snack foods like potato chips various bakery items such as rolls donuts and cakes yogurt and pizzaIdentity standard is one that states what the food shall be and defines a food or ingredientCompositional standards list the mandatory and permitted ingredients in the foodNote that over 300 identity or composition food within 28 divisions
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