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Food, Nutrition and Health
FNH 200
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FNH 200Quiz every week on connect due Friday Lesson 1Dealing with identifying what is food scienceWhat is within the food science discipline What is the scope of activities within food industry What is food scienceWffect of components on our body is nutritionBefore the farm is agriculture after the farm to the fork is nutritionFood science is using the basic science to process and prepare the food in a large scale We need to know about the specific requirements and ingredients and their interactions and how it affects the functionality f the food altogetherNeed to work together with dietitians for products healthy and pleasant to the consumer Food scienceNeed to know enough chemistry to formulate the product not necessary be chemists and physicist But have to have enough information Food science discoveriesPeople who developed the programs or fields os studyNicholas Appert o Was a pioneer in food science o How did he contribute to the discipline was in 1795 Napoleon was losing his troops in starvation and food poisoning So he offered money for anyone who can provide a way who can prepare foods that last longer without getting people sick So Nicholas tried a few things and found out the if he places food in a jar corked them and putting them in a bath tub they are preserved longer No micro organisms can enter with a closed jar Nicholas discovered thermal processing or more specifically canning Another one of pioneers was Clarena Birdseye slide 33 o Recognized that the taste and quality of frozen fish was so much better in that area than the area of residento Might have been the method of freezing Discovvered that with flash freezing the quality of the product is better o So when went back home he established and contributed in the freezing industryslide 34Another example o Liquid nitrogen new method used in food science for microorganism fragility o Microwave dinner o UHT and tetra pak established for pasteurizing milk o Freeze Dried ice creamSome of the discoveries originated during a war time or from military reasons Freeze drying initiated because food in space is a big issue The safety weight technique that they need to be eaten is all different o Instant noodles Make sure you understand what and what not is food science This will be one of the questions on the midterm It is the nutritional scienctists that are governing what is required Food scientists should follow the rules as part of the regulation Canadian food system 41Need to have 3 meals50 billion amount consumers spend on food The amount of personal expenditure is decreasing on foodo Why o Amount is increasing but percent of expenditure is decreasingReduced cost in producing foodPeople eating more organic greens than conventional meatSubstitutes are increasedWe are spending more money on luxuries So food is becoming cheaper Lots of other things are taking up our incomes We are getting more calories compared to 50 years ago but the prices are getting a steady lineFigure 11 o Whatever is dealing with the raw material is called agriculture After the raw material is prepared and ready to leave the farm gate it is called food sciencePrimary productionOnce they leave the farm gates they become part of food science Whatever processing we do is part of food science Also things like packaging and processing is also part of food science The energy requirement and how much human resources we have to put is part of food science as well Why is waste management part of food science o We are trying to find out how we can reduce the waste Waste management engineers can work together to find out how the waste can be recycles back in the system o Waste products while making flour we are making new products making it enriched with fibre Transferring the food to market consumers is not part of food science o They try to find the market for this product o How much food do we have to export pay for produce to make a balance They need to know about food processing and statistics to know how to market food to consumersWhat is processed foodWe consider processing to change the food tremendously in a way that it doesnt resemble its original food as all Its a negative connotation This is because any form of vegetable for example has to be put in a sort of processing to be turned to a mealWe have different phases of processingLots of difference in groceries now and beforeRed meat is contributing more to the economy compared to the rest of the things The wheat flour is highest in the amount May 15 2013From farm to fork is food science before that is agriculture after fork whatever happens in our body is nutrition Apple processingWhatever is produced in the farm is called agriculture So whatever we put in our apples is agriculture As soon as we pick them it becomes food science Whatever we do is part of food science jobPortion of those apples will go to processing directly So will be designated for different types of processingA portion of it will go to controlled atmosphere storagePortion goes to fresh market and some go to controlled atmosphere storage On the processing side we make different types of products Apple juiceApple sauceFruit leather
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