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Food, Nutrition and Health
FNH 355
Candice Rideout

The University of British Columbia Faculty of Land and Food Systems Food, Nutrition and Health FNH 355: INTERNATIONAL NUTRITION Fall 2012 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Candice Rideout OFFICE: Rm 249 in the FNH Building, 2205 East Mall PHONE: 604-822-0147 EMAIL: [email protected] CLASS TIME: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday s from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in MacMillan 166 OFFICE HOURS: Fridays from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM (or by appointment) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Conceptualization and sci entific analyses of global problems in food and nutrition; complexities of food habits and malnutrition in various cultures around the world. LEARNING OUTCOMES: When you finish this course, you should be able to: 1. Describe basic principles of nutrition a nd the role of nutrients in health maintenance and disease prevention in developed and developing countries. 2. Identify current issues in international nutrition, including the causes and consequences of different types of malnutrition. 3. Critically examine and analyze the complex factors that affect the nutritional status of individuals and populations. 4. Integrate your learning throughout the course to identify and evaluate possible solutions for ending hunger and malnutrition, for individuals and populations. COURSE NOTES: There is no required textbook for FNH 355 . Course notes will be posted on Connect throughout the term. You should bring these notes with you to class and use them as a framework for taking your own notes during class. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Additional resources will be posted on Connect . CLICKERS: All students in FNH 355 are required to have access to an iClicker that is registered to their name and student number. Please click on the Register your remote here link on the course website in Connect to register your clicker. CLASS FORMAT: We will use a combination of lectures, guest presentations, videos, clicker questions, small-group learning activities, and independent reflection and writing throughout this course . EVALUATION: Date Proposed Value OR: Choose the value for you (% of Final Grade) (% of Final Grade)* In-class activities: Mini-assignments Throughout the term 7 7 Clicker responses Throughout the term 3 3 Assignment Part 1: September 28 25 0 30 Part 2: November 19 Midterm October 12 25 10 35 Final exam TBD (December 5 19) 40 35 60
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