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Lecture 22

GEOG 121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: People Tree Ltd.

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GEOG 121
Jim Glassman

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Fast%Fashion:" Where"trends" move" from" the" catwalk" quickly" to"the" retailer
It"is"becoming" increasingly" popular" as"it"has" cheap" value" and"trendy" looks
Globalized0 Production:" Where" output" of"goods" is" outsourced" to"cheaper"
manufacturing" countries
Cutting" corners" in" manufacturing" plants" have" become" an"accepted" model" for" a"
long" time
But"not" until" the"health" and" safety" risks" imposed" consequences" (e.g." the"
building" killing" hundreds" of" employees)" was" this" considered" a"problem
Global" fashion" industry" is"now" three"trillion" dollar" strong
It"has" become" profitable" due" to"cheap" wages" and" cutting" corners
This" has" caused" poor" living" standards," lower" wages," child" labor" and"increased"
health" hazards
Most" fashion" brands" tend"to"start" with" a"design," so" they" do" not"typically" think"
about" who" would" be"making" the"goods
People" Tree:"Fair" trade"fashion" organization
85%" of"workers" in"manufacturing" plants" are"women
1"in"every" 6"people" alive"in" the"world" today," work" in" the"manufacturing" industry
Because" the"fashion" industry" is"growing," the"cotton" industry" also" has" an"
increased" demand
The"results" are"increased" amount" of" the"population" diagnosed" with" cancer
Advertising" works" as" it"sends" a"message" that"whatever" your" needs" are," they" will"
be"solved" by" consuming" that" product
Friday," 13" November ," 2015
1:01" pm
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