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Lecture 3

GEOG 357 Lecture 3: L3

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GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

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Decolonial Geographies: Space 2.0: o 1960s present geography o World historical events in 60s and 70s Oil crisis and economic restructuring Civil rights movement Womens rights movement o Neoliberalism and Tharcher, Reagan administrations Conceptualization of space o Space is not a container, but an outcome of the existence of objects and social relations o Modern physics: space doesnt exist prior to objects or people, but is constituted through relations o Space is always 4 dimensional Space 3.0 o DTES: Produced as object of knowledge Known by different people in different places Discursive Frames Define problems and causes Morally judge Craft expertise and suggest remedies Lines of sight and arrangement of bodies in space(re)create power Pidgin o Relation between bodies and people = powerful Recreating power divide between Poverty tours o Charging people to tour DTES o But people dont tour Shaughnessy area o DTES produced through community and interpersonal agency SRO(Single Room Occupancy)Collaborative and legal actions Vandu, Spikes on bikes and foot patrols o 1990sNow Rise of post structuralism and postmodernism Idea that there is no single truth, no structures that determine life and existences Attentive to disempowering focus on structure; attention to agency Identities are multiple o Conceptualization of space: Space is constructed or constituted through Capillary power Discourse and text produces space Observe is active in the construction of space Various spatial arrangements can govern conduct
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