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Lecture 2

GEOG 357 Lecture 2: L2

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GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

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Space Matters: Space 1.0 o Can calculate spaces, no. of drug users, vacancies o Space as a container for things that happen o Pre1970s(anglo European) geography o Description of Physical geography Where services are located Focus on people, objects industries are located across space, and how they can be measured Conceptualization of space o Spaces as a container o 2 and three dimensional o Separate from time Historical fluctuation of Value o 1860 saw mills in Burrard Inlet Rooming houses Subsequent devaluation Legal mechanismproveses of eviction o Renovictions: using renovations as a way to evict people from their homes o Fixed term leases Rentier capitalism: o Exploitation of lowincome people Sahota siblings Medical Industrial complex o Overmedication: Medicines rising in prices, and people cant afford it o Opioid demand Neoliberalism o Rollback of welfare states o Shutting down facilities o NGOIzation of care State Violence: o Foster Care After a certain age, you dont receive foster support from the state o Colonialism, police abuse o Crimilization of drug use
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