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Lecture 23

GEOG 357 Lecture 23: L23

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GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

Landscape Separate people from their own forms of sustenance o Freeing their labour, and labour becomes commodity that they can trade Private Regulation: Survey: many people go to mall because they feel safer Mall space regulated for tenants and customers o Management of microbehabiors Sitting on floor o Uninviting poorer population Pricing and range of commodities Locating away from public transit PublicPrivate Regulation: Age and Race o Youth specifically racialized youth Ambiguous position with respect to mall space Mall of America: curfew imposed by Mighty moms and dedicated dads o Particular populations the target of discriminatory regulation Mall = building that the public is invited into, not a public building Trask force: Human rights vs Trespass to property Private mall landscape = manifestation of tension between human and property right Regulating public space: Panhandling laws o Passed in 1998 Remove beggars from bank machines, bus stops Fines: 100200 o Failed 2002 challenge by anti poverty groups Makes visible how space is regulated Arguments: o Petitioners: Panhandling bylaw as threat to Section 2(rights to freedom of expression) Section 7: Rights to life, liberty Section 15: rights to equality o City: Panhandling as Threat to commerce Threat to safety Case of broken windows Public Space in Canada: State as Property owner o Courts ruled against petitioners with brisk confidence o Cited decision of Canadian supreme court in commonwealth vs canada
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