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Lecture 4

GEOG 357 Lecture 4: L4

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GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

Decolonial Geographies: Settler Colonialism o External colonialism External entities (nation state) goes to country and tries to extract resources (animals, plants, humans) for wealth and privilege Metropole: Colonizing Country o Internal Colonialism Occurs within a nation state Control and management of people. Flora, fauna within domestic borders i.e Prison system, border regulations o Settler colonialism: Settlers come with intention of making new home on land Central concern is land (land, water, air, subterranean earth) Settler colonialism is a structure and not an event Ongoing, processual Settler colonialization Creation of Canadian nation state = structure that perpetrates government laws and acts, the way the government conducts itself Elements of settler colonialism o Dominating sovereignty Sovereignty: Authority of a nation, state or political entity to govern itself and practice self determination Reproduce its community Set its laws Settler colonialism insists on settler sovereignty Insists on: o Domination of multiple sovereignties o Continual existence of other political entities E.g Treaty relationships Treaties: Responsible and reciprocal agreements between entities Treaties on turtle island o Since Time Immemorial o Early contact and trade o Creation of Canada and treaty process Domination of Canadian Sovereignty E.g Treaty 11 Land Claims Unceded territory o No treaty relationship E.g The Indian Act: Regulates different bands of Natives Canadian federal law that creates and governs indian status, bands, reserves
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