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Lecture 27

GEOG 357 Lecture 27: L27

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University of British Columbia
GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

Scale: Spatial levels: o Disconnected, pregiven, hierarchal levels Body, local, urban , nation, globe Spatial Sizes o Census tract, province continent o But focusing on one level may blind how we see other scales Geographic Resolution o Scale: Level of geographical resolution at which a given phenomenon is thought of, acted on or studied Relational Socially constructed Capitalist processes, policies, texts o Flint Water Plant: Competing for funding from different levels Approaching the Scale Question: o Key methodological challenges Conceptualizing scale as a process Conceptualizing intrinsic relationality of all geographical scales and their embeddedness within broader interscalar hierarchies o Cannot understand why and how space works without understanding these different scales Pulido: o P. 15: there is a dialectical relation between these scales Thus, we can focus on a particular scale, but we must always be cognizant of its relationship to other scales of racism o Landscapes = artifacts of past and present racisms > Sedimentations of inequality o Central Question: how whites are able to distance themselves from nonwhites and pollution Environmental racism = spatial question Space is resource in production of white privilege o Choice of living reflects particular racial formation Responses to state and capital Mechanisms of Environmental Racism: o White working class housing developments o Racially restrictive covenants Jim Crow North of MasonDixon o Redlining Post WW2 Suburbanization Federal housing Administration and home owners loan corporation o Ethnic succession and white privilege o Zoning and industrial areas Zoning allows particular industry to settle in an area Eg. Black neighbourhoods in LAs industrial corridor rust belt o New agglomerations
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