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Lecture 5

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HIST 103
Jeffrey Byrne

Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman Week 5 18499129 Quasi-States The predominant perspective of the colonials circa the second half of the 19 century viewed that the move to colonize other nations as economically strategic. However, this view gradually changed and was completely replaced when the colonials who were primarily the British, theAmericans and the French started to decolonize their colonies inAfrica andAsia during the post-World War II period. One of the major reasons behind the decolonization was due to the fact that a colonial such as the Great Britain could not afford to finance their government administration in its colonies due to the massive military spending during WWII. These newly liberated colonies are what being defined as quasi-states. Quasi-states according to Robert Jackson are defined as states that are granted sovereignty through decolonization, use force to protect human rights and provide social welfare and have governance system that benefits the few or also known as the elites (Jackson). These states are usually politically unstable because the systems deprive the people from having the ability to increase their standard of living such as low wage, low standard of labor and low education. The political instability is largely contributed by the weak institutionalization.As a result, inequality emerges in this country which then leads to social unrest. Despite achieving the status of a sovereign country, these quasi-states in reality are not independent, particularly in terms of economy. This is because they lack the mechanisms to develop their own capital and resources. Hence, the need to receive foreign aid from the developed countries persist and as a result, creating a dependency on the developed countries (Jackson). Another distinct feature of quasi-states is the fact that they are usually located in the Southern hemisphere and most of the Southern nations only started to industrialize in the 20 th century leaving their growth progress lagging behind their Northern counterparts. Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman Week 5 18499129 1) What does “decolonization” actually mean in political, economic, social, and/or cultural terms? 2) What is a quasi-state or weak state? − Quasi-state seems to suggest nations with weak institutional framework  low standard labor, low education etc 3) What were the political and economic goals of anticolonial nationalists? − Can refer to Mahatma, the Black Movement  political: to enable their own people to rule the government  economic: to stop economic exploitation which prevents them from having the ability to develop their economic capabilities Quasi-States: Sovereignty, International Relations and the Third World by Robert Jackson − Metaphorical way of presenting a story: sudden decolonization in Asia. Possible factors: 1. Reduction of military power by the French and the British − Asian countries increasingly realize their rights of self-determination  the Western doctrine of colonialism was becoming less effective  led to them decolonize the colonized countries − The importance of indirect rule: − International Constitutional Change − United Nations  advocates the right to self-determination for states  UN also triggers liberalism, causing the colonized countries to begin demanding the status of sovereign − The use of the term First World, Third World to depict the different pace of development of a nation − The increasing roles of international institutions such Amnesty International which records the level of human rights across countries. This kind of role is done by Worl
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