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HIST 103
Jeffrey Byrne

Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman (18499129) Week 6 HIST 103 101 Western Hegemony: Du Bois’Rejection In retrospect, the Western hegemony was an imperialist ambition by the Western powers to exploit resources from the more inferior nations such as Africa. This ambition then posed a problem when the territories of interest by the big powers began to overlap each other and the solution was gained during the Berlin Conference. Indeed, the conference simply reflected the Western’s greed ambition in which they divided theAfrican territories with each other. Gradually, the Pan-Africanism movement emerged as a reaction to color-based discrimination by the Western. Du Bois is a prominent figure who had dedicated his life towards liberating the dark-skinned people from the discrimination. His contribution in the Pan-Africanism movement is a solid evidence of his rejection towards Western hegemony. In addition, he founded the National Association for theAdvancement of Colored People (NAACP) as part of his effort to demand for a more equal treatment for the dark-colored people. Nonetheless, by having a closer examination on Du Bois, his rejection to Western hegemony was done in a diplomatic manner which benefits Du Bois strategically. At the beginning stage of his effort, Du Bois attempted to foster a good relationship with the Western. This is seen from the strategy he deployed in order to gain support from the Western leaders and it was definitely a wise thing to do since the major colonizing powers were the Western powers. This is, however, on the opposite with his contemporary, Marcus Garvey who deployed a strategy that attempted to dissociate from the Western powers. In conclusion, Du Bois is against Western hegemony inAfrica. With the attention to ensure that his mission was able to achieve its goal, Du Bois used a diplomatic strategy and the result can be measured from existence of NAACP that is still relevant in today’s world. Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman (18499129) Week 6 HIST 103 101 His approach was when the liberating movement was still when in his effort to liberate the dark-skinned people, his approach was to appeal to the Western. Strategically speaking, it can be understood the rationale behind DB’s action.Africans at that time was inferior and was disadvantaged in many aspects. So, it was wise for him
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