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Lecture 3

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HIST 103
Jeffrey Byrne

Week 3 Reading HIST 103 Balance of Power  Is obtained by a moderate territorial settlement Era of nationalism Double/Triple Entente Germany’s “blank cheque”  The public opinion with the Germany protested against as again, it reflects the Allied’s greed and unfairness that wanted to take advantage of Germany’s chance in obtaining its pre-war prosperity  Nonetheless, this reflects the Article 231 which states that Germany was to be held morally responsible for the war and its consequences, but legally liable only for the narrowly defined damages specified in the treaty Schlieffen Plan “Realist” approach to international relations (or “Realpolitik”) [C&C Reading] Dadabhai Naoroji (1825 – 1917) - was educated in India - founded Indian National Congress and advocated a moderate position - was particularly concerned with the impact of British economic policies in India - argued for Swaraj or home rule for India but achieved this through moderate means - Speech in 1886  Unity is has been made possible under the British rulership  Under the British, they obtain a freedom of speech  The purpose of establishing the Indian Congress is to provide stability to India  Under the British, education is possible Kido Koin - an active participant in the creation of a modern Japanese state - Choshu Samurai initially resisted the Western influence but eventually realized it and accepted the
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