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Lecture 6

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HIST 103
Jeffrey Byrne

Week 6 Reading Pan-Africanism - a means to achieve the freedom of all black peoples - advocate Pan-Africanism - it’s not only about racial propaganda  it marks the unity of the working classes everywhere, a unity of the colored races Arab nationalism - based on language, Arabic identity, Western-influence repellent, - can be traced from the fall of the Ottoman Empire Zionism - a culture-based movement, advocates the identity as a Jewish, made claim based on historical linking that the Land of Israel belongs to them - has been criticized as a movement that advocates racism and apartheid W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963) - historian, sociologists and activist, Western educated and devoted his life to the study of the black population of the world, remained interested in socialist and communist movements Founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and a strong advocate of Pan-Africanism  implies he advocates for independence - D.U Bois’ Writing  The child of African slave trade: the philosophy that other races, particularly the Negro will be content to serve the interests of the whites or die out before their all-conquering march  Monroe Doctrine: Germany desired economic expansion being shut out from America this doctrine, turned to Africa  Scramble for Africa: the European race to annex Africa (participations from Germany, Belgium, GB, France etc)  Berlin Conference: reward given to each military power with GB receiving the most, French and the Germans  Virtual enslavement: used under the justification that it is a necessary foundation for implanting modern industry in barbarous land  the West assumes that the Negros wanted no change. So, virtual enslavement was seen as the solution Marcus Garvey - Political Jamaican leader - proponent of Pan-Africanism: just like D.U Bois - however, D.U Bois deemed his view as damaging to his effort to advocate for the Black Rights - Da
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