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University of British Columbia
HIST 104
Robert Brain

-cholera affected bengal -Britain was in the height of its power ▯ -this enabled cholera to spread quickly and extensively ▯ -cholera wouldn’t have become such an epidemic without this and trade -visualization of diseases (maps) has become the main point of epidemology -xrays, machines became popular, following this trend of visualization -all societies have diseases, but the actual disease varies -steampower allowed people to overcome current boundaries of production ▯ -human and animal labour, wind and water power ▯ -people could also travel beyond living limits ▯ -people got motion sickness, run over by trains because they couldn’t gauge the ▯ distance and speed -new cities were springing up in industrial areas, squashing people together -sewage became a huge problem because of the lack of sewers -clean water became a problem as well -industrial waste added to the human waste -perfect breeding grounds for cholera woopwoop -dysentry, smallpox, yellow fever spread in these new conditions -what measures could people take against these new diseases? -a huge wave of globalization came along ▯ -trade, movement of people internationally ▯ -globalization isn’t a gradual increase, but came in waves -occurred after the first world war -trade and communication increased between parts of the world, created a new biological basis for disease -19th century issue was quarantines ▯ -still held the memory of plague -quarantine practices softened after plague, called the
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