HIST 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Torah

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Published on 31 Aug 2018
Week 7
Hebrew Marriage
From the Pentateuch (Hebrew oral traditions, commandments, and origin stories/history).
Given to Moses on Mount Sinai.
13th Century BC.
Genesis: Marriage.
Jacob and his two wives.
Rachel and Leah.
Work for daughters (7 years each).
Oldest has to get married before the youngest.
Everyone wants kids, Rachel jealous of Leah at first for being fertile, Jacob
sleeping with servants to have kids
Zilpan=Leah’s servant
Bilhah=Rachel’s servant
“Give me children, or I’ll die!”
12 son’s total, 1 daughter
Proverbs: What it means to be a woman.
Be humble.
Be strong.
Be kind.
Wife of noble character, provides food for family, works hard/vigorously
“She watches over the affairs of her household”
Marriage in Roman Society and Law
18 BC.
Emperor Augustus.
Had to invoke his laws against his own daughter Julia
Social problems of Rome.
Extravagance and adultery.
Hoped to elevate the moral and numbers of the upper classes.
+ increase number of native Italians.
Upper classes: “marriage was increasingly infrequent and, many couples who did marry
failed to produce offspring”
Made adultery a crime.
Punishable by death (or exile, confiscation of property).
Augustan social laws=badly received, modified in 9 BCE
By the 6/4th century, many of these laws were repealed by the Christian Church, led to disuse
under Roman emperor Constantine
Except law about intermarriage in Justinian
Need women (even if they suck) => because of how nature works in terms of childbearing
Augustus bringing back Metellus’ speech because it seemed “written for the hour”
Punish the unmarried and celebrate the women (+ men can marry free women [too many men]).
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