HIST 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Population Pyramid, Mahallah

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3 Apr 2016

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arab world is contiguous
if one thing happens in one arab country, it impacts other countries
it matters somewhere else
this guy in Tunisia lit himself on fire when he didn’t have a legal thing to sell fruit on the street
the protests migrated to the capital, Tunis
people demand that the fall of the regime became a statement
considered “poetic"
el sha3b, yoreed, esqaat el nezaam
the people want the regime removed
egyptian farmers have been farming pretty much the same thing that they’ve been farming for several years
recipe for disaster: when government tries to make changes on local markets
apply it to dierent scenarios
when the state applies laws: coercive
human right discourse becomes a lot more sailing
economic policies matter
no hope nothing to look forward to
when it comes to human rights
Khaled Said
articles follow a chronological tragedectory
how are they authoritizing them
centre of all of this called Khaled Said
Youth Awakening
young people are apathetic, couldn’t care less of the world
you’re more interested in social media
theres an assumption that they’re apathetic
< 35 = 60% (youth bulge)
youth began to become awakened
Kifayeh movement (enough movement)
make everything go away
they stickered their mouths to say that there is nothing else to say but “enough"
it took route around young people = the government was very quick about cracking it down
the disentachment keeps growing
in 2008
april 6 and the Facebook strike
theres an industrial town in egypt called el mahalla
employs a hundred thousands of people
because of the incredible visible working conditions that people live
employees are under pain
most people didn’t know about El Mahallah
no information could get into el mahlalah and nobody could get out of al mahallah
information only goes around through social media
very few people outside of the mehallah observe
protests everywhere
april 6 - captured the young people movement
Facebook group and things started escalated
they were basically telling them that protesting is not helping
the government was telling them no this is develiopments made for you blah blah blah
movement is swelling but it is largely anonymous
Mohammed albaradei = nuclear power online
iconic figure to the young people
because they wanted a development
Khaled Said
was a 28 year old (in 2010)
hes a entrepreunrial, living with his parents, he’s an activist
one day he happened to come across a video of 2 police ocers splitting a drug bust
this was his way of posting the video on his youtube channel
the police men should be accounted
the police men tried to brutelized him: intention was to kill him
he was killed infant of the internet cafe
someone in the morgue, and saw a picture of khaled, and cried
someone took a picture of his body on the floor, and it circulated, and it was all over circulated, and over all
his face was beyond recognition after being brutalized
the government had to resent, and we throw them under the bus
the photo ends on television - private media start covering it blah blah
it speaks to a larger predicament
prevent young people from taking strong action against the state
three young men and 2 young women - khaled could’ve been anyone Facebook group
they got young people involved
very calm very collective
page went from having 0 to 100,000 followers
was considered massive
silent revolution: online oine mobilization
wrote on every single banknote
the government said that yo cant use the currency if they wrote on it
but vendors wanted it anyway and there were too many notes with writing on it so they couldn’t care less
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