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HIST 220 – Oct 28, 2013 *Intro+Outline due Monday, Nov 18 * th - don’t need a draft in week 13 (last day of lecture) - paper due Dec, 18 2013 How to Know My Item - use the 5 senses - try to figure out where it comes from, what it’s made of - purpose and what is its importance/significance in my life What Constitutes as Knowledge of a Natural World? - what does it mean to know something about something Taxonomy - really close examination of a thing/ group of people - attempting to place data into categories based on physical properties - since the 17 century, biologists have divided up animal/plant species into groups ex. Kingdom, class, order, family, genus, species - “System Naturae” developed by Carl Linnaeus (1735) - how did the urge to classify people emerge? Cabinets of Curiosities - spread after the 1500s - would collect items of antiquity/curiosity and display it in a room - early cabinets contained 3 types of items: artworks, natural specimens, ethnographical artifacts) - strange and unusual items
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