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HIST 325
Jonathan Newell

 Boer War: ◦ Canada part of British Empire ◦ British controlled foreign affairs  French-Canada/ English-Canada split, processes of forging a Canadian identity ◦ Henri Bourassa for Laurier ◦ French identified with Boer colonists  Political interests in region can change  Settlement changes settlers  Newly emerging nations like rally causes (preferably wars fought)  Politicians refrain from taking risky stuff to a public VOTE  Links between Boer War and “Klondike Gold Rush” ◦ Boer War-about hard-rock mining ◦ 1896-1902 ◦ Both about exiting 19 century (Rushes were a 19 century phenomenon) ◦ Emerging from world-wide economic depression ◦ Both had big trading company beginnings (HBC) ◦ In both events, GOLD was the catalyst but different implications ◦ International publicity and fanfare critical ◦ Both in geographically remote, difficult areas and Canadians knew little about them ◦ Canadian authority and autonomy being tested ◦ Boer War overseas but Canada involved ◦ Klondike in Canada but few Canadians went  Klondike (AKAYukon/Alaska) Gold Rush ◦ 1 mass assault on Canada in northwest sub-arctic frontier ◦ Peaceful conference between Canada and USA ◦ Area newly acquired ▪ 1700s: Russian fur trades ▪ 1867: USAbuyAlaska ▪ 187
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