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KIN 161
Janna Taylor

KIN 161 Lecture – Gender, Sexuality and Sport  Sex – biological determination of male or female  Gender – who you choose to be and act; how you identify  Sexuality – your preferences; attraction to others  Hegemony- “is the process through which ideologies become materialized through the everyday experiences of people: how ideologies are internalized, struggled over, negotiated, opposed, and lived out” (Beal, 253).  Australian sociologist Robert Connell writes, “Gender means practice organized in terms of or in relation to the reproductive division of people into male and female” (1997, 31). o We decide everyday the way we act and move and dress based on societal conception of this is what men are like and this is what women are like  Gender has 5 key features o Gender is not natural but is socially constructed and varies across time and place o Gender is a binary categorization (man/woman)  Binary=opposite ends; one or the other o Gender is relational  Relational=we envision what a male is like by saying it’s the opposite of female o Gender is based on structural relations of inequality  Opposite, but not equal; based on power (more men than women); characteristics of masculinity and femininity are not equal o Gender is a linking concept  Linking=nothing is individual or separate, everything (race, ethnicity, etc) combines to form a person  The Body: o “gender is more than skin deep, it gets inside the body; that engendering can be so powerful as to dictate how we walk, sit, stand, move our facial muscles and carry our parcel…(Roberts, 2002, 324- 325). o Gender is one of the fundamental organizing principles of social life o Gender norms are reproduced and challenged in sports  Androgynous is difficult in life because of the organizing  A two-category gender classification system is the foundation for defining gender in our society o Hegmonic masculinity - Approved brand of cultural/societal masculinity o Emphasized femininity - Excessive feminine features and roles  Women have a little bit more room – can show up in
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