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KIN 161
Janna Taylor

KIN 161 Lecture – Gender in Sport History  Who writes history? o Victors = people in society with power and knowledge about how to write and how to preserve o What about perspectives of those with less power? o Soldiers who fought the battles o Women/mothers/wives  How do we know history? o Books o Newspapers o Interviews o Archives o Artifacts (paintings, sculptures, buildings, etc.) o Photographs o Film fragments/movies  Mainly white upper-class (European) people ‘making’ history  Aerialists o Historical Context  Industrial Revolution: shift from agrarian to industrial society  Work in factories – move to cities  Entertainment industries boomed  WWI (1915-1918)  Suffrage! – women in the US got the vote in 1920  More leisure and job opportunities for women  Urbanisation + increase in leisure opportunities => more performers, dancers, actors, singers… aerialists! o Visual media like photography and cinema shaped perceptions about how women were supposed to look and behave o Gender is constructed or ‘performed’ o Race, gender and class always intersect, though take on different roles/importance depending on context and individual situation o 3 consequences of women’s increas
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