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Oct. 1 Acute Knee Injuries Anatomy - Bones o Patella o Femur o Tibia o Fibula - Ligaments o ACL o MCL o LCL o PCL - Cartilage o Capsule o Meniscus o Articular - Muscles/tendons o Lots o Extensor mechanism - Other o Bursa o Nerves o Blood vessels Mechanisms of Injury - Valgus injury (blow from the lateral side of knee) o MCL damage - Direct blow to flexed knee o PCL damage - “Dashboard injury” - Hyperextension o Everything is injured Case 1 - 25-year old female soccer player o Collided with another player in game yesterday; knee twisted and collapsed medially o Heard a “pop” o Had to be carried off field o Applied ice, entire knee still swollen - ACL damage, and meniscus Oct. 1 - History o What else would you like to know?  “Catching”  “locking” o Physical anatomical structures blocking  Instability  Giving way - Physical examination o Inspection  Swelling/effusion  Hemarthrosis o Blood in the joint  Location  Amount  Rapidity of onset o Palpitation o ROM  Pain vs locking?  Muscles sore and tight because of protecting knee o Strength  Is extensor mechanism intact o Neurovascular  Look for sensation and numbness  Obvious bleeding  Pulse  Cold/pale feet o Special tests  Ligaments  ACL – lachmann, anterior drawer, pivot-shift 
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